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Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

At the _________of every brand is a story ___________ to be told.



There is no marketing tool more powerful than getting others to tell your story. And that's what we're all about. LMC combines public relations and strategic communications to uncover your brand's essence and shape compelling story angles that capture the attention of audiences worldwide.


Bali, Indonesia

Hi! I'm Lindsay, the person behind the scenes of many of the news stories you read as you sip your morning coffee. I'm a born adventurer, animal lover and self-proclaimed DIY-er turned entrepreneur. I also teach yoga, run a t-shirt shop and spend way too much time staring at the moon.


I grew up on the outskirts of Baltimore but now call a small Delaware beach town known as Fenwick Island home. It's here in my loft turned home office where I translate spirited ideas into carefully curated, actionable plans to help clients build brand reputation and get seen by the world.


With over 11 years of experience in public relations and marketing, I've worked with companies from all across the globe in a wide range of industries. But no matter what your line of work may be, my goal is always the same—to find creative ways to rise above the chatter and get your story told in authentic and impactful ways.


Whether you're familiar with working with the media or completely new to the process, I make it my mission to showcase the power of PR. Think we'd make a great team? There's no time like the present. Shoot me a message, and let's get started!


(well, in a nutshell)