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Let's get people talking

At the       _____of every brand, there is a story ___________ to be told.



There is no marketing tool more powerful than getting others to talk about you. And that's what I do.
LMC strategically combines public relations and communications to develop tailored plans that uncover who you are as a brand and drives others to tell your story in ways that captures attention.

About Me

Bali, Indonesia


(well, in a nutshell)

I'm Lindsay, a born adventurer, traveler, animal lover, and self-proclaimed DIY-er turned entrepreneur. I work behind the scenes of news stories, connecting brands and experts with journalists who write about them.


I grew up north of Baltimore and have lived most of my life in Maryland. I then spent a few years on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Delaware until my family and I moved to The Sunshine State.


Within my 13-year career in public relations and marketing, I've worked with companies across the globe in many different industries. But no matter what your line of work may be, my goal is always the same: to find creative and authentic ways to tell your brand's story.


Whether you're familiar with working with the media or completely new to the process, it's my mission to showcase the power of PR.

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